Addiction starts and ends with your thoughts.

When being numb to the world you live in feels better than being yourself, that’s the turning point.
Painkillers are an instant disconnect from reality. All your pain, physical and mental is numbed. You may not have known how stressed you were till it was chemically removed from your mind. Everything feels wonderful. The problem is “Everything” feels great. It becomes hard to differentiate a good decision from a bad one. The longer you are disconnected from reality, it becomes that much harder to find your way back.

I hope to reach someone in need of friend Through my words or weed, I hope to guide at least one person back to the life they love.

…Because there is only one other outcome from opiate addiction.

I don’t believe Marijuana is the monster we were all lead to believe.
I invite you to read my story and watch my videos. I’m not asking you to like me, I’m asking that you see something with a new perspective.

Asking for help is not a weakness, It is the strength to be vulnerable.

Smoke Weed Whenever You Need But Please Don’t Do Drugs